GameFace Interview – Complete with new track, Pyramyth

Today I have for you an interview with GameFace, with the track above being released just hours before this talk happened. Also in recent GameFace news, he not too long ago did a collaboration with Hucci on the song The Leaves are Brownand released his debut EP, Traplife, on Beatport and iTunes. With that being said, please, enjoy this interview, and spread word about it if you enjoy it. I’ll have more interviews with other artists coming soon.


BNB: First, mind telling me how old you are and how long you’ve been producing?

GF: I’m 29, been making music since I was 17.

BNB: Holy shit man, lifetime thing then. Is GameFace just your latest moniker then? Had other names you’ve gone by over the years?

GF: Nah, never took music too seriously. First I just made beats with my younger brother. We used his name then, and now it’s GameFace.

BNB: Huh, interesting. And how has being GameFace treated you? Enjoying the trap scene and its community? Anything you hate about it?

GF: I was always into trap, ever since Lil’ Jon introduced me to crunk I was addicted to those dirty south instrumentals. The way it [trap music] evolves is like a dream coming true. Every time a new producer comes and gives a new twist to trap. DJ Screw came with the chopped and screwed samples, Lex Luger with the heavy 808s, and Flosstradamus with the EDM twist, just to name a few.

BNB: Well put, trap is definitely still changing with the times and with the artists. Switching gears a bit, what’s your production setup like? Got any special equipment?

GF: I used to have a midi keyboard, a pair of monitors, and a good soundcard. But now I moved to London  and have been making beats with nothing but a pair of broken headphones and a computer. (laughs) Sucks though.

BNB: Jeez man, what a ghetto setup. What’s gonna be your first purchase to start building that setup back up? A new pair of headphones I assume?

GF: Yeah, some good headphones. And a midi keyboard, I miss that.

BNB: (Laughs) Can’t blame you man, those things can be a blessing. Now, how do you decide when to produce? Do you sit down and just tell yourself you gotta work on this, or is  it moreso when you’re just feeling it?

GF: It just happens. I have to learn to tell myself to spend less time on music.

BNB: Started to take up too much of your time?

GF: Yeah, gotta try to balance it, but I’m addicted. Especially now that I got some followers on soundcloud, some cool artists to collab with, gives it an extra dimension.

BNB: Yeah, I bet that isn’t helping you slow down on music at all. (laughs) Still on the process of production, you’ve used some crazy samples, with Holy Ghost coming to mind immediately. How in the world does something like that come together? I mean, did you just hear the clip and go, “Yeah, that’d make a sick track”?

GF: Yeah, kind of, I was raised hearing a lot of Indian/Hindu music, always loved it. So combining those dark sounds with heavy 808s was perfect.

BNB: Agreed, it was great, fucking loved that tune.

GF: Yeah, me too. I still get hyped when that bass drops. (laughs)

BNB: Now, what’s it been like working with Hucci on those two tracks?

GF: When I first heard EDM trap, I was like “what the fuck is this? Bunch of hipsters acting up again.” But it was trap, so I decided to subscribe to one of these channels on YouTube  Then I heard a track from Hucci, and I thought, “yeah, this is cool.” Started playing with a track, sent it to him, he liked it and we did a collab.

BNB: Nice, I’m just happy we got two sick tracks out of your guys’ collaboration. So, you mentioned a move to London, and your Soundcloud page says that you’re from the Netherlands. If you don’t mind me asking, why the move? Think it’ll make your music career easier at all?

GF: I moved because I’m also a software engineer, an android developer. Better chances of finding a job here, but yeah, music-wise I think it’ll be better here too… Although the EDM scene in Netherlands is big as well… I like the British Trap scene.

BNB: Respectable reasoning, wish you luck finding a job. Switching gears again  your new EP dropped not too long ago, and you’ve got a song sitting in the top fifty on Beatport’s Top Hip Hop releases chart. Maybe it’s just me, but that seems like a good reception, are you excited about that? Got any other releases on the way soon?

GF: Do I have a song in the top 50? Which one?

BNB: Let me see…. It’s Lambo, #43 in the Hip Hop top 100.

GF: I guess that’s pretty good. I dunno if I’m going to release something like an EP soon. I like releasing free stuff, so maybe a free EP. (laughs) By the way, released a new track today, free.  (linked above)

BNB: And I’m sure your fans like the sound of that too. (laughs) Oh, and yeah! Saw and listened to Pyramyth, that’s some good shit man. Last couple of questions here, what kind of stuff do you like to do when you’re not making music, and who have you been jamming to lately?

GF: When I’m not making beats I’m working on an android app which I’ll soon be releasing. I heard the Shackles EP preview today, been listening to that all day.

BNB: Yeah, that Shackles EP is gonna be awesome. Anyways, that’s all the questions I have…. (trails off into interview semantics)


So yeah, there’s the interview guys, hope you enjoyed it. Show GameFace some love by dropping by his Soundcloud and checking out his tracks, or following him on Twitter. Remember to share this to get this spread around, because we want the world to know how awesome the music scene is.